What Is Manuka Honey Acne Treatment

Does the Manuka Honey Acne Treatment Work?

More and more people who suffer from acne are learning that Manuka honey acne treatment really does work. Skin products that contain this natural healing ingredient are very popular right now and that’s because they really do help to fight acne.

Manuka honey has natural hydrogen peroxide, which everyone knows is a good disinfectant. This is produced by the bees as a part of their digestive process when they are making honey. When Manuka honey is applied directly to the skin, the disinfectant kills the bacteria that causes acne. It also has antibiotics which help to fight infections on the affected area.

How Does One Use the Manuka Honey For This Purpose?

Manuka honey gives your facial skin a brighter and younger appearance which has people flocking to stores in droves to find products that contain this wonderful ingredient. It repels skin cells which are damaged by various things such as air pollution, sun damage and age. The fact that Manuka honey acne treatments work is an additional benefit.

Manuka Honey Acne TreatmentsHowever, not all Manuka honey is the same. When you are looking at Manuka honey acne treatments that are pre-made, such as you would find in a health food store, make sure that the Manuka honey is active. This means that it has a UMF rating of 10 or higher. This is the most powerful Manuka honey and will clear your acne within a small amount of time.

Of course, you can also add Manuka honey to your facial cleanser or your regular facial mask. Use your cleanser as you usually do but if you add the honey to the mask, leave it on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

Another way that you can use Manuka honey is to apply it directly to the affected area of skin. This will draw out any infection in the skin and kill the bacteria so that it will heal faster without leaving a scar.

You can also fight acne internally by eating a tablespoon of Manuka honey every day. This will not only help to clear up your acne but will also improve your digestion as well. Or you could also drink a cup of hot tea with a few drops of Manuka honey added to it for a good night’s sleep. Lack of proper sleep causes stress which in turn aggravates acne conditions.

If you decide that you do not like the stickiness of the honey on your skin, you can find plenty of cleansers and moisturizers which already have the honey mixed in it. They will probably be more expensive, but the honey will be blended into the products better than you could do it at home.

Bacteria mutates when too many prescription antibiotics are taken and they become very resistant to that form of treatment. This makes using a Manuka honey acne treatment even more important since the antibiotics in the honey are natural and not chemical.

Manuka Honey Acne Treatment

How To Use Manuka Honey For Acne

Is Using Manuka Honey For Acne Practical?

Using Manuka honey for acne outbreaks has shown much success but maybe you are wondering why something so simple works so well. Here in this short article you will find the answer to this question.

For many centuries, honey has been known for it’s healing properties. Now, with the advancements in technology, information is available on why this is true. When bees digest pollen they produce a natural form of hydrogen peroxide which is a wonderful antiseptic that cleans infection from wounds.

What Exactly Is Active Manuka Honey

If a doctor tells you to use Active Manuka honey for a skin condition, it usually has a higher amount of this hydrogen peroxide than regular honey does. It is this higher hydrogen peroxide content which makes Manuka honey a preferred treatment for acne. Also, unlike most prescription treatments for acne, this special honey is all natural and will not dry skin out.

Manuka Honey For AcneIn fact, Manuka honey is also a very good moisturizer. It not only rehydrates skin but also helps repair skin cells that have been damaged by pollution and bacteria. This gives skin a more youthful appearance. When using Manuka honey for acne, there is a certain method to be used.

If you are interested in making your own Manuka honey treatment at home, you can make your own by mixing a few drops of Manuka honey (UMF of 10 or higher) and your regular facial cleanser. Clean your face as usual and then pat dry. The natural antibiotics in Manuka honey can help to kill the bacteria that causes acne.

There is another way that Manuka honey can be used as a facial treatment. You can add some Manuka honey to your usual facial mask and apply it as you normally would but let it set on your face for at least 15 minutes before your rinse it off with warm water. Pat dry.

The antibacterial effects of Manuka honey usually takes about 3 days for any noticeable improvement to take place. But this will certainly help to boost your self esteem when you see your acne blemishes starting to clear your skin of eruptions.

By using Manuka honey to fight your acne both inside and out you will see less breakouts and you will also notice a marked improvement in your digestion as well. This is a nice side effect of eating this wonderful honey.

You can also apply Manuka honey directly to the affected area of skin leaving it on overnight for the most noticeable results. The honey will reduce any inflammation on the blemish site. Eating Manuka honey directly or mixed with green tea can also help repair skin damage from acne as well.

If the consistency of honey is bothering you, you can always find facial treatments which contain the Manuka honey You can usually find these at your local health food store or you can find them online.

Using Manuka honey for acne gives your skin a chance to clear up and you will be helping to fight the bacteria that causes acne. Suggested to use the medical grade Manuka honey for Acne treatment for best results.

Manuka honey for acne


The properties that lead to the manuka honey acne treatment

Manuka Honey Acne TreatmentLike any other treatment, when it comes to the manuka honey acne treatment, the first thing that comes in mind is to ask if it works or not. The true is that there are the evidence that it works and there are many trustworthy reviews that it works. The scientific facts and the user experience have approved that Manuka honey can be used to treat acne. The honey uses its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to fight off the acne.

Before you understand how honey can be used to clear the acne, it is important to understand first how the acne is formed. Hormonal changes take place in pregnancy and in puberty. Acne is normally a result of the clogged pores. The pores are clogged with the dead skin cells with the sebum which is a natural oil. The bacteria found on the skin known as propionibacterium will attract the white blood cells. The blood cells have the enzyme that leads to the inflammation and this clog the pores. This correlation will increase the bacteria growth. This will lead to the pimples, to possible scars or even severe acne.

How the manuka honey acne treatment takes place is yet to be understood. However, the ability of the honey to get rid of the acne takes place in 4 different ways. It regulates the shedding of the skin so that the pore will not clog. It destroys the propionibacterium bacteria which cause acne. It is an anti-inflammatory effect and it can manipulate the hormones.

Other skin conditions which may be treated using Manuka honey

Manuka honey is powerful honey and it has the capacity of penetrating into the skin tissue and it will treat the infections which are found under the skin. Honey is used also to cure different skin conditions including the ulcers, infections and wounds. The honey has different properties including the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial. In addition of fighting off the bacteria and inflammation found with the acne, Manuka honey also draws away the impurities to prevent future breakdown. With all these properties, Manuka honey is legitimate for curing the acne naturally.

Water found in Manuka honey can fight off the bacteria because it has a high level acidity found in it. However honey has to be used tropically since if it is taken orally it will dilute and decreases its acidic action. The research done on the Manuka honey has already shown that there is a no bacterium which is resistant to it.

When it comes to using the manuka honey acne treatment, some people are concerned because sugar bacteria feeds on sugar so the acne is expected to get worse. However, when it comes to the high sugar content, the Low ph together with the sugar make the honey an antimicrobial agent and this stops the bacteria growth. Honey is known to dry up the spots while it also improves their complexion and coloring. To ensure the best results, it is good to use the sterile manuka honey to cure the acne. Manuka honey works better with the manuka honey acne treatment that come from the bacteria but it helps less when the acne is caused by irritation or hormones.

The reasons behind using Manuka honey for acne

Manuka honey for acne is one of the benefits of this type of honey

Manuka honey for acne is just one of the benefits that people can get form this honey produced in New Zealand. It is stronger at the same time gentle and many hospital and doctors are fighting to have it in their stock. Manuka tree is found only in the arid areas of New Zealand and Australia. The bees that feed on such flowers make honey which has a high level of antibacterial properties.

The honey has been used for long as a traditional healing medicine. The honey has been used as food or topically to get rid of the unwanted parasites and unwanted bacteria. It has also shown that it can destroy resistant bacteria including e-coli and MRSA bacteria. The honey has shown to have antifungal and antibacterial properties which lead to the formation of Active Manuka Honey Association to rate the honey according to the level of such properties. The UMF or Unique Manuka factor is the ingredients in the honey which should be rated.

The best manuka honey for acne has to have a rate of more than 15. Manuka honey is also used to improve the immune system. When it is applied on the skin it will help in healing the raw or rough areas, heal or calm the burns and it is dabbed on the pimples to kill the bacteria that lead to the acne. Using a bandaid overnight with the honey will help in eradicating the whiteheads and pimples.

Always go for the high rated Manuka honey

Manuka Honey for Acne

Manuka honey is expensive compared with other monofloral honey. Someone can be attempted to buy cheaper options in the store but most of the inexpensive honey are most of the time not pure. It may be a mix of different honey and the label can be used to fool the consumers. If used, it will not be effective against the acne and pimples. Honey also can be used as an ingredient in different products such as lotions, soaps and creams. There are also some sunscreens which are manufactured using manuka honey. Genuine manuka honey is golden, amber and thick and it looks like a melted caramel. It should not be drippy or runny. The fake version looks darker and runnier.

The manuka honey for acne is good in fighting off the bacteria which means that it will not go rancid or get expired. However, it has to be stored in the dry and cool area. Heating honey on high temperature will destroy its enzymes and nutrients. Manuka honey is harvested on the Manuka bushes and this sets it apart from other types of honey. The healing abilities of honey are based on the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The ability of the honey to stimulate the wound healing as well as promoting healthy skin are still under the documentation. The honey is also known to provide nutrients to the cell metabolism as well as the rapid tissue repair. It has the lactic acid which can help with the clearing of the dead skin cells. This antimicrobial activity is the one which help in fighting off the wound infection and the usage of manuka honey for acne.