Information On The Manuka Honey Health Benefits

How Important Are The Manuka Honey Health Benefits?

If you have heard of Manuka honey but are not really sure if it is different from your local honey, then read on and find out the basic information that you will need to know. Since Manuka honey comes from New Zeland, it is a little hard for most people in the United States to get. However, there are many Manuka honey health benefits that make it everyone’s favorite. Manuka honey is made by bees pollinating the manuka bush’s flowers. They then return to their hive where the honey is made.

What Is Manuka Honey Used For?

For many centuries Manuka honey has been a staple medicine in households. It is a natural antibacterial which makes it great for abrasions and wounds. Manuka honey, like most honeys, contain a natural antibiotic, hydrogen peroxide, which helps to fight infections.

There are two types of Manuka honey, active Manuka honey which means that it has a higher concentrate of antibiotics, and regular Manuka honey which is lower in these antibiotics. However both types are good for healing wounds. In fact, this is the main use for this type of honey. Yet there are more Manuka honey health benefits to be discussed.

Manuka honey contains so many antioxidants that it is used as a cancer preventative. It is also used to lower blood pressure. Another one of the Manuka honey health benefits is that systemic inflammation is also lessened with this honey. Diabetics can even benefit from Manuka honey since it is a healthier sweetener than sugar and actually helps to level out blood sugar levels.

Not all Manuka honey is used to treat wounds, only the medical grade is for that purpose. First it is made sterile and then it is made into a poultice for the wound to be treated. This is used for ulcers resulting from radiation treatments but is not safe for wounds from diabetes.

Manuka honey has also been reported to help stop the gum infection gingivitis. Bacteria, which usually builds up a resistance to most prescribed antibiotics, do not develop a resistance to the natural antibiotics in Manuka honey.

Manuka Honey Health BenefitsThere are possible side effects from Manuka honey especially in those who are allergic to bees. These side effects can be an elevated blood sugar level and there can also be some interactions with someone undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Although Manuka honey can be ordered online or bought at your favorite health food store, you have to use caution. Some dealers advertise Manuka honey as being “active” when it is regular Manuka honey which isn’t as beneficial.

Yes, from treating acne to being a sweetener for diabetics, the Manuka honey health benefits are many. However, if this doesn’t work for the conditions that it is being used for, then it is time to seek medical help. And remember, never give any type of honey to infants under the age of one year because of the botulism spores which are contained in honey.

Information On Raw Honey Health Benefits

The Raw Honey Health Benefits Story

All natural food buffs and devotees know about how good raw honey is for you. But most everyday people have no idea about the raw honey health benefits. So what is raw honey? Simply put, it is honey straight from the hive. It has not been processed in any way so it is in it’s purest form. There are quite a few differences to be found when comparing raw honey to processed honey. Raw honey forms alkali and therefore has much more nutritional value. It possess a high vitamin content that pasteurized honey does not have, natural enzymes which the body needs, and many other goodies including antioxidants which help to fight cancer. These nutritional components vanish during processing.

Other Good Things In Raw Honey

Raw honey has incredible health values that just cannot be replicated. Raw honey benefits include fighting viruses, fights cancers, is an incredibly strong immune system booster, wipes out allergies, is a pain reliever, steadies nerves and many other beneficial aides. However, since this is a limited space, let’s just say that the claims of this being a wonder food are not unfounded. If you can find a local supplier of raw honey, then you have found something quite special. It banishes the seasonal allergies that most people suffer from. This makes locally harvested raw honey perfect since it will contain the pollens that you will be allergic to. This is one of the raw honey benefits that everyone can enjoy. Raw Honey Health BenefitsSince raw honey is also an expectorant, it can cost a lot less to buy this than to buy cough syrup. It is much better for you to since it also contains a mild cough suppresant and for those who are trying to get away from the chemicals found in medications on the store shelves, this is an excellent way to get back to more natural treatments. Raw honey is not only much better for you than refined sugar but can actually help to stabilize your glucose levels. This is great news for those who are diabetic. It contains an antiseptic as well and this makes it a wonderful healing topical ointment for scrapes, rashes, and minor wounds. Raw honey is also excellent for helping to clear up acne. Just wash your face with it for much smoother and clearer skin. This is because raw honey contains natural hydrogen peroxide which helps to fight the bacteria that causes acne. Different varieties of raw honey have different uses. While acacia honey is beneficial to liver health and digestive health, buckwheat honey has the most powerful antioxidant concentration. If you do a search online you can find out which types of raw honey are used for each condition. Those who live in the city might have a harder time finding raw honey but it can usually be found at health food or organic food stores. Those who live in more rural areas have a much easier time of enjoying the raw honey benefits. New Zealand Manuka Raw Honey

Information On Honey Benefits

Are Honey Benefits Real?

Many people think that using honey as a medicine is an old wives tale but the truth is that for anyone who is over the age of twelve months can benefit from the many honey benefits that nature provides.

Even medical research backs up these reports of honey being a great and natural way to sooth many skin problems because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide which is part of honey’s natural biological components. This makes it a wonderful dressing for incisions made during surgery and for skin ulcers resulting from radiation treatments.

Another one of the honey benefits that many are fond of using is honey and lemon juice drank as a treatment for sore throats, mild coughs from colds and as a sleeping aid. Some people like to drink hot tea with a few drops of honey at bedtime to relax for a good night’s sleep.

This list of honey benefits is far from done. If you have red and itchy mosquito bites, try rubbing some honey on them. The itching will stop and the redness will vanish. Honey also contain polyphenols which act as both antioxidants and as an anti-cancer agent. It also helps to prevent heart conditions. This is a natural immune system booster too.

Honey is also a perfect sweetening substance as well and is not as harmful to the body as sugar is. This means that honey also aids in digesting food too. Honeys can vary in composition depending on which flowers the bees have visited and since flowers vary from country to country, this has an impact on the nutrients in the honey. For instance, two honeys in particular, Manuka and Kanuka, are very good for treating acne in the face, back, and neck areas.

A Very Serious Warning About Honey

Honey BenefitsBecause honey has a history of containing botulism spores, it is vital that you know not to give honey to a child under the age of 1 yr. old. There have been thousands of cases reported of infants younger than 1 yr. old contracting botulism after being given honey.

Honey is graded by how clear the honey is and how free of debris it is. Honey can either be a light color or very dark and the darker honey has much more healing ingredients. From the American Indians to the Sumerians, honey has gained quite the reputation for multiple uses.

Honey has even been known to be used as a weight loss component since it contains many minerals that the body needs to function correctly. Honey, however, does not contain many vitamins. Yet, it is the levels of antioxidants contained in honey which make it so important as a food.

Yes, honey benefits are many, but never substitute home remedies for medical treatment if the condition is serious or worsens. If necessary, seek medical help. For instance, if a skin ulcer from radiation treatments does not respond to the honey poultice, then there is the possibility of infection and this requires medical treatment.

Health Benefits Of Honey That Everyone Can Enjoy

So What Are These Health Benefits Of Honey?

Since the dawn of history, mankind has been using honey as a medicine. Even the Egyptians knew of the health benefits of honey and also used it in their embalming process as well. Honey does have a lot of sugar in it, but it is natural and not processed sugar which makes it much healthier. It also means that a few drops of honey as a sweetener goes a long way so not much has to be added.

Of course, raw honey is more beneficial than store bought honey, even the processed honey has it’s advantages. It has been used for treating mild forms of coughs at night and it is much easier to get a child to take a teaspoon of honey instead of nasty tasting cough syrups. However, never give honey to child under the age of one year because of the threat of botulism.

Honey As An Ointment

Health Benefits of HoneyFor those who suffer from acne, honey is a perfect face wash to clear those breakouts because honey contains hydrogen peroxide in a natural form. It also contains natural antibiotics to help fight infections. But the health benefits of honey do not stop there.

Honey is used as a dressing for scrapes, wounds from surgery, and ulcers resulting from radiation treatments. This, too, is from the hydrogen peroxide that is present in honey. Honey also produces natural anti-inflammatory properties and this makes it perfect for treating mosquito bites. This is yet another of the health benefits of honey.

Taken orally, honey does even more good things for your body. Honey contains a natural booster for your immune system which is why those who eat honey on a regular basis do not seem to get as sick as often as those who do not eat honey at all. The antioxidants contained in honey also help to fight cell damage and helps to fight cancer.

For those who need a boost of energy in the mornings, try a teaspoonful of honey with your breakfast. And you won’t come down from the energy boost from honey feeling as exhausted as you would after a refined sugar boost. For those who have trouble concentrating on homework, try a cup of hot cinnamon tea with a tablespoon of honey added.

Sore throats can be bothersome but a nice and simple homemade gargle made from honey, lemon juice and just a pinch of salt can get rid of the problem.

There are also many facial creams on the store shelves which contain honey because of it’s moisturizing properties. You can also find bath soaps and shampoos which contain honey as well. It may actually help as an aid to prevent hair loss as well. Using honey to wash your face with also helps cut down on bacterial growth on the skin.

Some of us know very well how irritating to the skin wearing a cast can be. Just a small amount of honey on the irritated skin can sooth the problem area. This is just a small amount of the information of health benefits of honey and if you want more information you can look online.

Where the health benefits of honey came from

Different health benefits of honey

Health benefits of honeyIf you want to know more about health benefits of honey, you have to begin learning about honey facts including how honey is made. Nectar has water and sucrose while bees will add the enzymes to make a chemical compound. The sucrose will be turned into glucose and fructose while the water is being evaporated which means that the product will be more resistant to the spoiling. Honey has 80 percent of natural sugar which are glucose and fructose. Because of high level of fructose, honey is normally sweeter than using table sugar. It has 18 percent of water.

The honey which has a low level of water, it is of better quality. 2 percent is protein, pollen, vitamins and minerals. The vitamins found in honey are amino acids, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and B6. The minerals in the honey are manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and calcium. Conductivity of the honey is also used to know the level of the minerals in the honey. Manuka honey has high level of conductivity than other types of honey. It is 4 times better compared with honey from other flowers. The honey which has better conductivity has also more health benefits of honey.

Honey is natural sweetener, it has no cholesterol and it is fat free while it has also antioxidants benefits. A tablespoon of honey has 64 calories. Honey has also a high level of glycemic index or GI which means that it can easily be absorbed in the blood system. Honey has enough vitamins and natural minerals which mean that it can improve the metabolization of the cholesterol or fatty acid. This means that honey can prevent obesity while it can promote good health. Even if honey is not allowed to be taken by diabetic, honey is the healthier choice in the people who are taking the diabetic diet compared with the table sugar or other sweeteners.

The reason behind the properties of honey

Health benefits of honey are based on the following. Honey is a natural sweetener, it is not made by humans and it has some healing capacity. Honey has 18 percent of water and its PH is around 3 to 4. This means that if it is stored in the proper was, it will last for centuries. Contrary to the refined sugar which has empty calories that lead to the obesity and health issues, the honey will reduce the fatty accumulation in the cardiovascular system.

Contrary to the sucrose or table sugar, the honey will not cause the fermentation in the stomach and there is no danger for the bacterial invasion. Honey is itself a monosaccharide which means that it is in its simplest form and it cannot be broken down any further. It passes directly in the blood stream without leading to the irritancy like the sucrose. Honey can burn the body fat in the sleep because it has the same ration of glucose and fructose. When it is used on the burn, honey may relieve the pain faster while it heals the wound with no visible scar. The health benefits of honey include having the best antioxidants and it has the unique antioxidant known a pinocembrin.

Why raw honey health benefits are more than the refined honey

Regardless of Raw honey health benefits, it is better to be careful while using it

Raw honey health benefits are considered to be better than using the honey from refined honey because raw honey still has all the enzymes, minerals and vitamins. However before you use honey, you have to keep the following in mind. Do not give honey to the infant. This is because sometime honey may contain the clostridium botulinum in small percentage. Even if this may not cause any problem for the older children or adults, it can cause a serious reaction for the children who are still under one year of age. You should not add honey on the baby food while you should not use it at as a soother if the child is colicky or fussy. Even if some honey may not have the contamination, it is important to make sure never to use honey for the infant. Honey is still sugar and you should not take it into large quantity to maintain good health and good weight. It has a caloric value which may affect the sugar in the system to be low or high.

There are some controversies when it comes to cooking using honey. This is because it is expected that raw honey health benefits may reduce its health benefits when it is heated. Another problem is that when honey is heated, it can become glue like which will be hard for the digestion. The substance is a toxin and it can adhere to the tissue which means that it will be too difficulty to remove it.

Honey benefits had been known for long

Raw Honey Health BenefitsThe best benefits of honey are found from the honey which is hundred percent pure, made by honey bees and found in honeycombs. Honey was used for million years and the beekeeping had been practiced from 700 BC. The Egyptian were using honey as a sacrifice for their river goods. Romans were using honey on the wounds as a natural cure. Since honey was rare and expensive, only wealthy people were using it. Honey wine or Mead is considered to be the oldest fermented wine.

The biblical history also shows the benefits of using honey. The honey was a delicacy left for the queens and the kings. When people found out the use of sugar cane to make refined sugar, they began to replace it to sweeten their beverage. This is why raw honey health benefits are now left for the medical usage or in confectionary and fine gourmet cooking.

Honey is an important food and it does not go bad. Some archaeologist found the honey kept in Egyptian tombs was still tasting delicious even after 2000 years. It is surprising on how the bacteria cannot grow on honey considered that honey is made from sugar. This is because honey has a low content in water with a high acidic level which makes unfavorable place for the bacteria. Honey will not spoil even if the additives or preservatives are not used. However liquid honey may suffer chemical and physical change when it is stored. It may darken and it may lose the flavor and aroma. After sometime the honey also can crystallize but this will not affect the raw honey health benefits because it is a reversible process.

How honey benefits are important for the body

One of the best honey benefits, is that it is a natural energy booster

Honey BenefitsHoney benefits are related to the way honey is a natural booster, it is a great immunity system builder and honey is the natural remedy for different ailments. The usage of the honey is considered beyond its good taste. It is a natural source of the carbohydrate which provides the energy and strength to the bodies. Honey is always chosen because of its capacity to boost the performance, to increase the endurance and to reduce the muscle fatigue of the athletes. The natural sugars found in the honey have an important role in fighting off the fatigue during the exercising. The glucose found in the honey can be absorbed quickly which gives energy boost to the body immediately. Honey is also considered to be the best sugar which keeps the blood sugar at the same level.

To benefit more from honey, you can do the following. If you go for a workout, you can take honey to ensure that you can do an extra mile. In case you feel lethalgic or low when you wake up, instead of taking the carbonated drink, you can use honey. Honey can be spread on the toast and it can be used like sugar in the tea which gives a refreshing energy surge.

In case the kids find it harder to cope with different buzzing activities at the school, then you can make sandwiches with ham, butter and honey to ensure that they keep up with the same energy during the day. You can also make them warm honey water. Even if the children may not be aware of the honey benefits they get from it, they will also take it because of its taste. The benefits of honey include its capacity of immune system booster. It is at the same time anti-bacterial and antioxidants which improve on the digestive system. This helps in staying healthy and to fight off the diseases. If you want to enjoy honey benefits, you can take it at the breakfast; you can mix it with lemon or honey juice and drink it every morning.

Honey health benefits

Even if honey is not a cure of cancer, it has some anti tumor and carcinogen properties which help in preventing the cancer. Honey has been used for long as the natural remedy and it can treat different ailments which include the arthritis pain, athlete foot and yeast infection. The antibacterial properties help in inhibiting the growth of the bacteria and it keeps the wound cleaner to make it free from further infection. The anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the pain and the swelling. The honey which is considered to be the best for wound healing is UMF Manuka honey since it has a high level of the antibacterial agents.

When you get a hangover, it will be important if you take honey. Honey is soothing to the stomach while it has many natural sugars which lead to the oxidation of the alcohol by the liver and this means that it is a sobering agent. The honey benefits are also known to help with the sore throats.