Health Benefits Of Honey That Everyone Can Enjoy

So What Are These Health Benefits Of Honey?

Since the dawn of history, mankind has been using honey as a medicine. Even the Egyptians knew of the health benefits of honey and also used it in their embalming process as well. Honey does have a lot of sugar in it, but it is natural and not processed sugar which makes it much healthier. It also means that a few drops of honey as a sweetener goes a long way so not much has to be added.

Of course, raw honey is more beneficial than store bought honey, even the processed honey has it’s advantages. It has been used for treating mild forms of coughs at night and it is much easier to get a child to take a teaspoon of honey instead of nasty tasting cough syrups. However, never give honey to child under the age of one year because of the threat of botulism.

Honey As An Ointment

Health Benefits of HoneyFor those who suffer from acne, honey is a perfect face wash to clear those breakouts because honey contains hydrogen peroxide in a natural form. It also contains natural antibiotics to help fight infections. But the health benefits of honey do not stop there.

Honey is used as a dressing for scrapes, wounds from surgery, and ulcers resulting from radiation treatments. This, too, is from the hydrogen peroxide that is present in honey. Honey also produces natural anti-inflammatory properties and this makes it perfect for treating mosquito bites. This is yet another of the health benefits of honey.

Taken orally, honey does even more good things for your body. Honey contains a natural booster for your immune system which is why those who eat honey on a regular basis do not seem to get as sick as often as those who do not eat honey at all. The antioxidants contained in honey also help to fight cell damage and helps to fight cancer.

For those who need a boost of energy in the mornings, try a teaspoonful of honey with your breakfast. And you won’t come down from the energy boost from honey feeling as exhausted as you would after a refined sugar boost. For those who have trouble concentrating on homework, try a cup of hot cinnamon tea with a tablespoon of honey added.

Sore throats can be bothersome but a nice and simple homemade gargle made from honey, lemon juice and just a pinch of salt can get rid of the problem.

There are also many facial creams on the store shelves which contain honey because of it’s moisturizing properties. You can also find bath soaps and shampoos which contain honey as well. It may actually help as an aid to prevent hair loss as well. Using honey to wash your face with also helps cut down on bacterial growth on the skin.

Some of us know very well how irritating to the skin wearing a cast can be. Just a small amount of honey on the irritated skin can sooth the problem area. This is just a small amount of the information of health benefits of honey and if you want more information you can look online.

Where the health benefits of honey came from

Different health benefits of honey

Health benefits of honeyIf you want to know more about health benefits of honey, you have to begin learning about honey facts including how honey is made. Nectar has water and sucrose while bees will add the enzymes to make a chemical compound. The sucrose will be turned into glucose and fructose while the water is being evaporated which means that the product will be more resistant to the spoiling. Honey has 80 percent of natural sugar which are glucose and fructose. Because of high level of fructose, honey is normally sweeter than using table sugar. It has 18 percent of water.

The honey which has a low level of water, it is of better quality. 2 percent is protein, pollen, vitamins and minerals. The vitamins found in honey are amino acids, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and B6. The minerals in the honey are manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and calcium. Conductivity of the honey is also used to know the level of the minerals in the honey. Manuka honey has high level of conductivity than other types of honey. It is 4 times better compared with honey from other flowers. The honey which has better conductivity has also more health benefits of honey.

Honey is natural sweetener, it has no cholesterol and it is fat free while it has also antioxidants benefits. A tablespoon of honey has 64 calories. Honey has also a high level of glycemic index or GI which means that it can easily be absorbed in the blood system. Honey has enough vitamins and natural minerals which mean that it can improve the metabolization of the cholesterol or fatty acid. This means that honey can prevent obesity while it can promote good health. Even if honey is not allowed to be taken by diabetic, honey is the healthier choice in the people who are taking the diabetic diet compared with the table sugar or other sweeteners.

The reason behind the properties of honey

Health benefits of honey are based on the following. Honey is a natural sweetener, it is not made by humans and it has some healing capacity. Honey has 18 percent of water and its PH is around 3 to 4. This means that if it is stored in the proper was, it will last for centuries. Contrary to the refined sugar which has empty calories that lead to the obesity and health issues, the honey will reduce the fatty accumulation in the cardiovascular system.

Contrary to the sucrose or table sugar, the honey will not cause the fermentation in the stomach and there is no danger for the bacterial invasion. Honey is itself a monosaccharide which means that it is in its simplest form and it cannot be broken down any further. It passes directly in the blood stream without leading to the irritancy like the sucrose. Honey can burn the body fat in the sleep because it has the same ration of glucose and fructose. When it is used on the burn, honey may relieve the pain faster while it heals the wound with no visible scar. The health benefits of honey include having the best antioxidants and it has the unique antioxidant known a pinocembrin.