Information On Raw Honey Health Benefits

The Raw Honey Health Benefits Story

All natural food buffs and devotees know about how good raw honey is for you. But most everyday people have no idea about the raw honey health benefits. So what is raw honey? Simply put, it is honey straight from the hive. It has not been processed in any way so it is in it’s purest form. There are quite a few differences to be found when comparing raw honey to processed honey. Raw honey forms alkali and therefore has much more nutritional value. It possess a high vitamin content that pasteurized honey does not have, natural enzymes which the body needs, and many other goodies including antioxidants which help to fight cancer. These nutritional components vanish during processing.

Other Good Things In Raw Honey

Raw honey has incredible health values that just cannot be replicated. Raw honey benefits include fighting viruses, fights cancers, is an incredibly strong immune system booster, wipes out allergies, is a pain reliever, steadies nerves and many other beneficial aides. However, since this is a limited space, let’s just say that the claims of this being a wonder food are not unfounded. If you can find a local supplier of raw honey, then you have found something quite special. It banishes the seasonal allergies that most people suffer from. This makes locally harvested raw honey perfect since it will contain the pollens that you will be allergic to. This is one of the raw honey benefits that everyone can enjoy. Raw Honey Health BenefitsSince raw honey is also an expectorant, it can cost a lot less to buy this than to buy cough syrup. It is much better for you to since it also contains a mild cough suppresant and for those who are trying to get away from the chemicals found in medications on the store shelves, this is an excellent way to get back to more natural treatments. Raw honey is not only much better for you than refined sugar but can actually help to stabilize your glucose levels. This is great news for those who are diabetic. It contains an antiseptic as well and this makes it a wonderful healing topical ointment for scrapes, rashes, and minor wounds. Raw honey is also excellent for helping to clear up acne. Just wash your face with it for much smoother and clearer skin. This is because raw honey contains natural hydrogen peroxide which helps to fight the bacteria that causes acne. Different varieties of raw honey have different uses. While acacia honey is beneficial to liver health and digestive health, buckwheat honey has the most powerful antioxidant concentration. If you do a search online you can find out which types of raw honey are used for each condition. Those who live in the city might have a harder time finding raw honey but it can usually be found at health food or organic food stores. Those who live in more rural areas have a much easier time of enjoying the raw honey benefits. New Zealand Manuka Raw Honey

Why raw honey health benefits are more than the refined honey

Regardless of Raw honey health benefits, it is better to be careful while using it

Raw honey health benefits are considered to be better than using the honey from refined honey because raw honey still has all the enzymes, minerals and vitamins. However before you use honey, you have to keep the following in mind. Do not give honey to the infant. This is because sometime honey may contain the clostridium botulinum in small percentage. Even if this may not cause any problem for the older children or adults, it can cause a serious reaction for the children who are still under one year of age. You should not add honey on the baby food while you should not use it at as a soother if the child is colicky or fussy. Even if some honey may not have the contamination, it is important to make sure never to use honey for the infant. Honey is still sugar and you should not take it into large quantity to maintain good health and good weight. It has a caloric value which may affect the sugar in the system to be low or high.

There are some controversies when it comes to cooking using honey. This is because it is expected that raw honey health benefits may reduce its health benefits when it is heated. Another problem is that when honey is heated, it can become glue like which will be hard for the digestion. The substance is a toxin and it can adhere to the tissue which means that it will be too difficulty to remove it.

Honey benefits had been known for long

Raw Honey Health BenefitsThe best benefits of honey are found from the honey which is hundred percent pure, made by honey bees and found in honeycombs. Honey was used for million years and the beekeeping had been practiced from 700 BC. The Egyptian were using honey as a sacrifice for their river goods. Romans were using honey on the wounds as a natural cure. Since honey was rare and expensive, only wealthy people were using it. Honey wine or Mead is considered to be the oldest fermented wine.

The biblical history also shows the benefits of using honey. The honey was a delicacy left for the queens and the kings. When people found out the use of sugar cane to make refined sugar, they began to replace it to sweeten their beverage. This is why raw honey health benefits are now left for the medical usage or in confectionary and fine gourmet cooking.

Honey is an important food and it does not go bad. Some archaeologist found the honey kept in Egyptian tombs was still tasting delicious even after 2000 years. It is surprising on how the bacteria cannot grow on honey considered that honey is made from sugar. This is because honey has a low content in water with a high acidic level which makes unfavorable place for the bacteria. Honey will not spoil even if the additives or preservatives are not used. However liquid honey may suffer chemical and physical change when it is stored. It may darken and it may lose the flavor and aroma. After sometime the honey also can crystallize but this will not affect the raw honey health benefits because it is a reversible process.