Important Raw Manuka Honey Information

What Raw Manuka Honey Contains

The Manuka bush, also known as Tea Tree, is located in New Zealand. This small bush has wonderfully fragrant flowers which, of course, attracts bees. After the bees pollinate the flowers, they return to their hives and produce the Manuka honey. Raw Manuka honey is some of the best in the world as far as healing properties are concerned.

Manuka honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is naturally produced during the bees’ digestion process. This makes it perfect as a natural disinfectant for wounds and skin conditions such as acne. This honey also contain powerful antibiotics which fight infections when applied as an ointment on the skin.

More Wonderful News About This Honey

When you buy raw Manuka honey, you are buying the full potency of this honey. Raw means that it has not been processed in any way which makes the antiseptic and antibiotic agents are at their purest and fullest strength.

Although the demand for raw Manuka honey has gone through the roof, some might find it a little hard to find. However, if you look online or in your local health food store you can find it right away. Even doctors are now finding out just how powerful the healing agents of this natural product are.

The antimicrobial agent in Manuka honey is found only in specific types of Manuka honey and this is known as the UMF. The higher the UMF rating is, the more of the healing agents there are present in the honey. If this number is 10 or above, the Manuka honey is then known as “active” honey.

Raw Manuka HoneyYou must be careful though when buying this honey online since some companies will advertise that it is selling “active” Manuka honey when actually it is selling a lower grade of the honey. This is especially true if you are buying the product online and cannot actually see what you are getting.

A lot of people don’t know that another name for Manuka honey is tea tree and if you look closely on the store shelves, you will see thousands of products which contain this ingredient. There is even dog shampoo that is made with tea tree which has a soothing effect on irritated dog skin. This ingredient is excellent for repelling fleas on your dog and stops itching from flea bites that are already there.

If you have dull hair or an itchy scalp try using shampoo with Manuka honey. This will sooth the itchiness and give you healthy shiny hair too. It also helps to stop thinning hair. Another good point about Manuka honey that hasn’t been processed is that it also is a good ointment for rashes and scrapes.

Since raw Manuka honey contains an antiseptic and antibiotic, it is highly effective for treating acne outbreaks. It not only clears up existing blemishes but helps clear up any infected ones that are there. It leaves the skin less prone to future outbreaks too since it kills the bacteria that causes acne.

How to use Raw manuka honey

Always go for the high rated Raw manuka honey

Raw manuka honey can be used differently; it can be put on the bread, in the food and in the drinks. To make sure that the customers get the benefits of the honey, the users have to ensure that they are using pure and genuine honey. The most pure honey has the rating of 15 up to 20. The honey which use such rating is considered to have the best healing properties. Many people understand that honey is good for the health and it has the healing abilities for someone who is sick. If you have honey with you, you can easily use it whenever you need it for different sickness such as the sore throat. You can also use it while waiting for the prescription of the doctor.

Raw manuka honeyYou can take manuka with coffee and tea. Normally other types of honey may be destroyed by heat and light but the manuka honey will continue to be the same even when heated. For someone who suffers the stomach ulcer, he can use raw manuka honey on the bread or with other food. The honey will help in soothing the stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter Pylori. The Manuka honey can inhibit the growth of the bacteria up to 8 times more than using common honey. Honey can be used externally on the wound. Manuka honey is used on the wound before applying the right bandage. The honey uses healing fluids on the affected area and it creates a thin layer on the surface of the wound. When the dressing is removed, the new tissue will regrow without any damage which means that the healing is faster.

Manuka honey is the best honey to treat wounds

The active manuka honey which is used for dressings of the post operative wounds it has shown 85 percent of the success in clearing up the infection compared with the antibiotic creams which is successful only up to 50 percent. For the people who suffer form the MRSA superbug, their wounds cleared quickly when they use the dressings which has active manuka honey in them.

Raw manuka honey is also considered to have the best medicinal benefits because of its high level in the antioxidants. Manuka honey can reduce the oxidation in the system with the people who suffer degenerative conditions. Manuka honey protects from the free radicals which may be caused by the oxygen damage.

The common usage of the Manuka honey is to be used on the wounds but sometime it can also be used to treat gastrointestinal problem, treating of the sinus, ear and eye infection, reducing of the systematic inflammation, reducing of the high cholesterol and treating and preventing cancer. The researches are still done to know better about the honey. However, the studies have proven that honey is effective when it is put on the leg ulcers and on the wounds. It is useful in fighting off the infection while promoting the healing. However, the raw manuka honey should not be used on the ulcers caused by diabetes.