How to treat GERD using Manuka honey Natural acid reflux remedy

Manuka honey Natural acid reflux remedy is the best natural medicine

People who suffer acid reflux, are the only one who understand how depleting this problem can be and it is important that they learn about Manuka honey Natural acid reflux remedy. The GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is a chronic condition. By now, there is still no cure for the acid reflux problem. When the problem has been diagnosed , the treatment used is about the management of the diseases using some medication and the lifestyle change. In addition of using the prescription medicine, manuka honey has been purported to be used as natural treatment for the acid reflux. There are some patients who use it regularly to get better results.

For a healthy person, the food which is found in the stomach will be prevented to come back into the esophagus by some muscles known as esophageal sphincter. For the people who suffer the acid reflux, this muscle will not be working in the best way. This means that the food will be turning back into the esophagus together with the acidic juices. The acid will damage the mucosal lining in the esophagus which leads to the heartburn. GERD is considered as a chronic problem and it is important to treat it as soon as it begins to develop to avoid further complications.

Manuka honey is better than commercial drugs

Manuka honey Natural acid reflux remedyMost of the medication which are being used for the GERD treatment, they work by stopping or reducing the production of the acid and this means that the really cause is neglected. The only way to achieve better treatment drugs is the only way to manage the symptoms. The usage of the treatment for long term will also lead to many other side effects. This is why many people choose to rely on the Manuka honey Natural acid reflux remedy or other natural remedy to deal with their GERD. Honey is used first because of its antimicrobial property. However, manuka honey is collected only on the Manuka flowers. This means that honey has more of methylglyxal percentage than honey collected from other flowers. Methylglyoxal is an antibacterial along with other components found in honey. Other benefits of using honey are that it does not have any side effects at the same time it is cost effective and it is easily available.

The problem is that there is not yet any research that supports the usage of the Manuka honey Natural acid reflux remedy. The research that has been done is only based on the health benefits of Manuka honey which include antibacterial properties. Honey also acts like a healing and anti-inflammatory agent.

This type of honey is also used topically on skin infection, irritated skin and wounds. Manuka honey is also good to be used internally. It counteracts the infection while it also alleviates the ailments such as gastritis, ulcer, diarrhea and acid reflux. It can also be used safely with lactating mothers, pregnant women and children. Honey fights the stomach acid problems by coating the esophagus lining to prevent it to be in direct contact with the acid. To maximize the Manuka honey Natural acid reflux remedy benefits, it has to be taken before meals or before going to bed.

Manuka honey for acid reflux is the first choice in natural remedies

How manuka honey for acid reflux helps GERD patients

According to many clinical trials and scientific studies, they show that Manuka honey for acid reflux give the relief in most cases and sometime it can cure it completely. The acid reflux as the name suggests it is when the acidic fluids flows back into the esophagus from the stomach. This may lead to the irritation of walls which come to be called the heartburn. Such acids that burn the esophagus lining can lead to the inflammation and it is caused by permanent damage on the esophagus in the ulcers form.

Manuka honey for acid refluxThe acid reflux comes from the malfunctions of lower esophageal sphincter muscle. In the normal circumstances the muscular ring which reduces the case of stomach acid from the refluxing problems. In people who suffer the GERD or the Gastroesophageal Reflux disease, will have the problem with their muscular ring. The manifestation of gastric acid with the sensitive esophagus, it will be the sensation burning also known as the heartburn.

While using the manuka honey for acid reflux, it will not change anything on how your esophagus works. However, there are some benefits of using honey for someone who suffer the acid reflux. The first thing to know is that there are many substances which can weaken LES muscle. If you are suffering this problem, you have to be aware that honey has been proven clinically to cure different stomach problems. This is because it is able to strengthen the muscle of the stomach.

Additional properties of manuka honey

The Manuka is an antibacterial products which kill the h. pylori bacterium which is one of the bacteria which lead to the overproduction of the stomach acid. This is among the problems that lead to the peptic ulcers. Manuka honey also has the anti-inflammatory properties. This is important because the stomach acid can lead to the inflammation of the mucous lining in the stomach. Using Manuka honey regularly may reduce the cases of damages on the tissues. When the muscle is damaged, then it will not be able to function in a better way and this will lead to more acid reflux.

Another important factor to consider while using the manuka honey for acid reflux is that you cannot suffer any side effect like other common acid medicines. This is because it only kills the bacteria which are harmful while it will not kill the beneficial bacteria. While fighting the inflammation, it will also be soothing. When using the Manuka honey for reflux problem, it should be taken on the bread or on the cracker so that the digestion will be slow. This will add to the optimal coating on esophagus and internal tract. It is recommended to use honey before taking dinner and breakfast. This is because the effect will be more beneficial when it is taken on the empty stomach. If you do not drink and eat for about 30, the honey will be absorbed better. Before you use honey, you have to be aware that most of the honeys do not have this healing ability. You have to ensure that manuka honey for acid reflux you use has been tested to ensure that it has unique healing properties.