The reason behind Manuka honey health benefits

Manuka honey is one of the leading honey in the world especially because of the Manuka honey health benefits. Honey is delicious, good taste, dark colored with high antioxidants properties which are known to be the best honey with the antibacterial healing power.

The bees collect the honey from the wild manuka flowers in the summer. The honey comes from different nectar flowers found in the surrounding countryside. New Zealand is known for its natural environment where the bees collect the honey from the Manuka nectar. Manuka is known to contain the medicinal property. After the honey has been collected from Manuka flowers in the Summer, the honey will be then tested while the activity level will be also measured at the same time certified for its level of antibacterial and its immune boosting properties.

manuka honeyAll the honey in the world while they are still pure they have a high level of the enzyme of the glucose oxidase. The enzyme which is found in the honey from their bees will release the antiseptic hydrogen peroxide slowly. The antiseptic can cure the infection without having to damage the body tissue.

Some of the Manuka honey health benefits are considered to be wonders from nature. Some of the Manuka honey has both antibacterial and healing ability. The manuka has hydrogen peroxide in good levels but it has also non-peroxide activity to make its hydrogen peroxide stronger. The latest research has shown that the addition of non-peroxide activity is the substance known as MethylGlyoxal which has a powerful killing capacity. The honey is considered to be the best in healing the infections and it is found in a big hospital since it is used when other antibiotics did not work.

Different diseases treated with Manuka honey

It is used for Helicobacter pylori, external ulcerative condition, bed sores and antibiotic-resistant to the MRSA. Honey is used for healing of different external problems including abscesses, eczema, dermatitis, wounds, and burns. It is also used to reduce the duration of the bacteria which cause diarrhea. Research has shown that honey assists in the rehydration for the body during the diarrhea sickness. The bacteria that cause the diarrhea is sensitive to its antibacterial action. It is a good energy food which increases the physical endurance.

Honey ManukaThe Manuka honey health benefits are rated and the best honey to be used as medicinal honey is the one which has more 10 ratings. The honey which has the level of under 10 can still be used for the medicinal purpose which means that it may not clear out the infection well. This is because the honey may not have enough antibacterial activity and it may not reach deeper tissue. Manuka honey which is lower than 10 is not considered as active. Instead of using for medicinal needs, the honey also can be used on daily basis. It is delicious and its healing properties make it one of the special honey. If you want to benefit more from the Manuka honey health benefits, then get the Manuka honey which is rated more than 15 and 20.