Different usages of Medical Grade Manuka Honey

Different ailments treated using the Medical Grade Manuka Honey

Medical Grade Manuka HoneyMedical Grade Manuka Honey is from New Zealand and it is now being used for digestive and wound care. For some uses it has been proven to be effective while others are still under the research. Honey has been used for long as medicine. Queen Cleopatra is known to have been taking milk and honey baths because of the honey cosmetic properties. Honey also has been used for its digestive benefits. It has been used as natural antibiotics against the coughs and sore throats for long. However, in different time, the natural treatment of wounds and coughs had been replaced by the antibiotics. As the bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics from time to time, the medicinal ability of honey is being researched again.

All honey has a certain level of hydrogen peroxide which is known to be a natural antiseptic. The acidity found in the honey gives it the ability to prevent many bacteria. The full ability of Manuka honey is yet to be out. The topical usage of the honey can reduce scarring, swelling and odors. It can also prevent the dressing on the wound which reduce the discomfort and the pain. Manuka is used to treat ulcers and wounds healing because of the following abilities. It reduces the infection because of the antibacterial properties. It increases the blood circulation on the wound. It reduces the inflammation which means that it reduces the pain relief and swelling. Honey reduces the free radicals because of the antioxidants abilities.

Medical Grade Manuka Honey speeds the healing of wounds by using the epithelialization and hastening the granulation. It can reduce the wound odor because it prevents the production of the ammonia. It has the osmotic effects which reduces the dead tissues, dirt and exudates from the wound. The debriding action will allow the detachment of the dead tissue and the scabs. It provides moist to wound which can help the wound to heal.

Using Manuka honey to treat digestive system and skin illnesses

The Medical Grade Manuka Honey for digestive system is used to cure heartburn, acid reflux , stomach relief, sore throat and stomach ulcers. when the honey is used topically, it can be used to cure different fungal infections, ulcers, boils, acne, sunburn, burns, insect bites, scrapes, cuts and wounds. For caring a wound, it is advised to use only Manuka honey which has been proven to have medicinal abilities. Since there are too many organisms in the honey, it is important to do this to reduce the cases of the infections.

Other benefits of honey include providing the moist environment to encourage the healing. Contrary to other antiseptic, honey does not cause any damage on the tissue. The antimicrobial properties can be used to prevent further microbial growth. You can reduce the inflammation, pain and swelling in a quick way. The acidity found in the honey will stimulate the healing process.

One of the medical products which has been approved by FDA, is manufactured by Derma Science. The Medihoney trade mark is held by Comvita and Derma science. This is one of the most trusted Medical Grade Manuka Honey products which are made from Manuka honey.

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