What Is Manuka Honey Acne Treatment

Does the Manuka Honey Acne Treatment Work?

More and more people who suffer from acne are learning that Manuka honey acne treatment really does work. Skin products that contain this natural healing ingredient are very popular right now and that’s because they really do help to fight acne.

Manuka honey has natural hydrogen peroxide, which everyone knows is a good disinfectant. This is produced by the bees as a part of their digestive process when they are making honey. When Manuka honey is applied directly to the skin, the disinfectant kills the bacteria that causes acne. It also has antibiotics which help to fight infections on the affected area.

How Does One Use the Manuka Honey For This Purpose?

Manuka honey gives your facial skin a brighter and younger appearance which has people flocking to stores in droves to find products that contain this wonderful ingredient. It repels skin cells which are damaged by various things such as air pollution, sun damage, and age. The fact that Manuka honey acne treatments work is an additional benefit.

Manuka Honey Acne TreatmentsHowever, not all Manuka honey is the same. When you are looking at Manuka honey acne treatments that are pre-made, such as you would find in a health food store, make sure that the Manuka honey is active. This means that it has a UMF rating of 10 or higher. This is the most powerful Manuka honey and will clear your acne within a small amount of time.

Of course, you can also add Manuka honey to your facial cleanser or your regular facial mask. Use your cleanser as you usually do but if you add the honey to the mask, leave it on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

Another way that you can use Manuka honey is to apply it directly to the affected area of skin. This will draw out any infection in the skin and kill the bacteria so that it will heal faster without leaving a scar.

You can also fight acne internally by eating a tablespoon of Manuka honey every day. This will not only help to clear up your acne but will also improve your digestion as well. Or you could also drink a cup of hot tea with a few drops of Manuka honey added to it for a good night’s sleep. Lack of proper sleep causes stress which in turn aggravates acne conditions.

If you decide that you do not like the stickiness of the honey on your skin, you can find plenty of cleansers and moisturizers which already have the honey mixed in it. They will probably be more expensive, but the honey will be blended into the products better than you could do it at home.

Bacteria mutate when too many prescription antibiotics are taken and they become very resistant to that form of treatment. This makes using a Manuka honey acne treatment even more important since the antibiotics in the honey are natural and not chemical.

Manuka Honey Acne Treatment

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