The properties that lead to the manuka honey acne treatment

Manuka Honey Acne TreatmentLike any other treatment, when it comes to the manuka honey acne treatment, the first thing that comes in mind is to ask if it works or not. The true is that there are the evidence that it works and there are many trustworthy reviews that it works. The scientific facts and the user experience have approved that Manuka honey can be used to treat acne. The honey uses its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to fight off the acne.

Before you understand how honey can be used to clear the acne, it is important to understand first how the acne is formed. Hormonal changes take place in pregnancy and in puberty. Acne is normally a result of the clogged pores. The pores are clogged with the dead skin cells with the sebum which is a natural oil. The bacteria found on the skin known as propionibacterium will attract the white blood cells. The blood cells have the enzyme that leads to the inflammation and this clog the pores. This correlation will increase the bacteria growth. This will lead to the pimples, to possible scars or even severe acne.

How the manuka honey acne treatment takes place is yet to be understood. However, the ability of the honey to get rid of the acne takes place in 4 different ways. It regulates the shedding of the skin so that the pore will not clog. It destroys the propionibacterium bacteria which cause acne. It is an anti-inflammatory effect and it can manipulate the hormones.

Other skin conditions which may be treated using Manuka honey

Manuka honey is powerful honey and it has the capacity of penetrating into the skin tissue and it will treat the infections which are found under the skin. Honey is used also to cure different skin conditions including the ulcers, infections and wounds. The honey has different properties including the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial. In addition of fighting off the bacteria and inflammation found with the acne, Manuka honey also draws away the impurities to prevent future breakdown. With all these properties, Manuka honey is legitimate for curing the acne naturally.

Water found in Manuka honey can fight off the bacteria because it has a high level acidity found in it. However honey has to be used tropically since if it is taken orally it will dilute and decreases its acidic action. The research done on the Manuka honey has already shown that there is a no bacterium which is resistant to it.

When it comes to using the manuka honey acne treatment, some people are concerned because sugar bacteria feeds on sugar so the acne is expected to get worse. However, when it comes to the high sugar content, the Low ph together with the sugar make the honey an antimicrobial agent and this stops the bacteria growth. Honey is known to dry up the spots while it also improves their complexion and coloring. To ensure the best results, it is good to use the sterile manuka honey to cure the acne. Manuka honey works better with the manuka honey acne treatment that come from the bacteria but it helps less when the acne is caused by irritation or hormones.

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