How Is Manuka Honey Used For Wound Healing

The Relationship Between Manuka Honey And Wound Healing

Recent research by scientists proves that natural Manuka honey is effective when used for wound healing and this news has both doctors and patients pretty excited. Some wounds take an extremely long time to heal so if something as simple as a type of honey can help speed this process up it would be worth the little expense that is incurred.

Why Do Wounds Take A Long Time To Heal?

There are various reasons why a wound may take a long time to heal but the most common reason is diabetes. Infections attack someone with diabetes very easily and bacteria which causes the infection can easily mutate into one that is resistant to chemical antibiotics. However, the natural antibiotics contained in Manuka honey is more than enough to deal with these bacteria.

When one is talking about Manuka honey for wound healing, it must be kept in mind that this is a medical grade of Manuka honey. Not only does this strength of Manuka honey help to fight infections that are already present, but helps to prevent any future infections as well.

Manuka Honey Used For Wound HealingWhen one uses Manuka honey for wound healing, they are getting one of the strongest antiseptic and antibiotic that nature provides. This honey fights more than fifty different strains of bacteria and that is much more than any prescribed antibiotic can do.

Manuka honey used as a wound dressing provides a much healthier environment for a wound to heal. It keeps the wound moist which keeps the dressing bandage from pulling the wound back open when the dressings are changed. This helps to speed the healing process.

Manuka honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is naturally produced as part of the bees digestive process. This keeps the wound clean and naturally expels any debris that might be inside of the wound. It also expels any infection in the wound as well.

Sometimes an antiseptic can be too strong for the tissues surrounding a wound and can damage them. However, the antiseptic found in Manuka honey does not have this effect so it is very safe to use.

Manuka honey also keep microbial growth from spreading. It also helps to fight inflammation of the wound as well. It exceeds the traditional use of Silvadene cream for burns and helps to renew cell growth in burns.

Honey is an acid compound and this helps to regenerate tissue in wounds and burns. Manuka honey used for wound healinghelps to reduce scarring in burns and other types of wounds. Wounds also heal much faster which is very good for the patient. So, with dressings not sticking to wounds, faster healing time, reduction of any infections recurring, and helping to naturally keep the wound clean, Manuka honey is an excellent way to treat wounds and burns. However, read the label very carefully and make sure that you are getting the medically approved Manuka honey.

Manuka Honey Used for Wound Healing

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