What is Manuka Health And How Does It Relate To Manuka Honey?

Is Manuka Health Brand Better Than Other Brands Of Manuka Honey?

Manuka Health is a very outstanding brand of Manuka honey which has a very high content of antibacterial factors. Health Brand honey, which is also known as MSGOTM honey, is gathered in the most remote regions of New Zealand which is untouched by mankind. In these pure settings, the wild manuka bush is seen growing and flowering. However, this bloom season for these plants is only one month long. At this time, the beehives are moved closer to the bushes for easier pollination and nectar gathering by the bees.

It is for this very reason that Manuka Health has poured a lot of money into having it’s own beehives and making sure that they are at full strength during the bloom season. This operation ensures only the highest quality of honey. All of this incoming honey undergoes very rigorous testing to make sure that it has the highest of MSGOTM rating. This includes the honey that is in storage and ready for shipping.

What Else Makes This A Special Honey

The most important ingredient of Manuka honey is Dietary Methylgloxal. This vital information was discovered by a German scientist Dr. Thomas Henle. His research showed that Methygloxal is the component which gives Manuka honey it’s anti-bacterial action. This is one of the ways in which Manuka Health has the best ingredients of all of the Manuka honey.

Manuka Health brand Maunka honeyThis chemical is found in the actual flowers themselves of the Manuka bush and that this chemical can kill any of the bacteria that the labs added it to. Through intensive testing on other honeys, it was found that only the Manuka honey had the highest amount of this natural bacteria killer. In fact, some of the Manuka Health honey had over 60% more of the Methylgloxal than other types of Manuka honey.

Manuka Health honey is the only edible source of this Methygloxal with such a high rating. This makes it very good as a topical ointment for burns and other types of wounds. It helps stimulate new tissue growth and expels any debris in the wound. It also reduces any inflammation that may be present and helps to keep the wound moist which speeds up the healing process.

Taken internally, this honey is used to treat ulcers, sore throats, and digestive problems. But that isn’t the end of what this honey does. Since it does, as stated above, regenerate cell growth it is also used in facial masks to fight the signs of aging. You can even add a few drops of this honey to some hot tea and will have the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had after drinking it.

Other conditions that this honey is used to treat are cancer and it’s prevention, diabetes, sinus infections, and colds. So when you buy Manuka Health brand Maunka honey, you are doing your body the best favor that you can. It can be added to food as well. For those who have acne it can be applied directly to the pimples to clear them up and get rid of any infection that is present.

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