Where Can You Buy Manuka Honey?

Can You Buy Manuka Honey In America?

Manuka honey is growing in popularity as both a healing agent for burns and wounds, plus it can be taken internally for many ailments. This growth in usage makes it more available to the general public than ever before. You can now buy Manuka honey in your grocery stores, or online. You can find a wider variety of the Manukay honey in health food stores as well.

Why Is Manuka Honey So Special?

Manuka honey contains the antiseptic hydrogen peroxide which is produced when the bee digests the flower nectar that it has eaten. Hydrogen peroxide is well known for cleaning infection and debris from wounds. Even though this natural antiseptic is found in most honey, Manuka honey contains the most powerful form of this agent. But this special honey does so much more than just that.

Manuka honey also contains antibiotics which help to speed healing as well and has no side effects. Unlike synthetic antibiotics, germs and other infectious agents do not develop a resistance to these natural antibiotics. When you buy Manuka honey, it’s like buying your own pharmacy.

When the Honey Research Department at the University of Waikato in New Zealand discovered the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) there was also discovered a number of non-peroxide antibacterial agents. This is why so many are wanting to buy Manuka honey plus it is also much cheaper than prescription antibiotics. When the hydrogen peroxide and these other antibacterial agents combine, it makes for a very powerful weapon against infections.

You have to use caution when buying this wonderful honey. There are a lot of places that make claims to have “active” Manuka honey. This has the highest UMF rating. However, some of these companies are just selling regular Manuka honey which doesn’t work as well as the “active” honey.

There is a way to make sure that you are actually getting real “active” Manuka honey. The website //www.umf.org.nz/ has a listing of the companies selling the “active” honey. When you are looking at containers of “active” Manuka honey, look for the UMFHA logo. It will only be on the real “active” Manuka honey.

Buy Manuka HoneyManuka honey is a very valuable tool in fighting infections. It also reduces the amount of swelling and pain in wounds which makes the patient much more comfortable while the wound heals. Taken internally, it helps to heal ulcers, sore throats and many other afflictions. It also helps to level out glucose readings in diabetics.

Manuka honey is also used to help in the treatment of acne breakouts. Just dab a small amount on the affected area and it will clear up blemishes and clear up any infected eruptions. It is even good for fighting colds and helps to boost the immune system.

It would be a very practical step to buy Manuka honey and keep some on hand at all times. This is easy since there is no expiration date for this honey and it doesn’t go bad either.

Manuka honey for acne

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