How Manuka honey for heartburn works

Other usages besides using Manuka honey for heartburn

Manuka honey for heartburnManuka honey for heartburn is expected to be the next favorite food for people who are suffering chronic acid reflux. Honey is collected from a mono-flower called Manuka and it is commonly found in New Zealand. The flower is also known as tea tree because it has a unique taste when brewed in the tea. The tea tree name has been used because the leaves were being used to prepare tea. A tea spoon of the honey taken with hot water makes a delicious drink it has exceptional flavor which makes a sweet tea.

Nowadays, there are too many internet buzz on the medicinal property of Manuka honey. This means that it can cure many ailments and medical conditions. The manuka benefits are now being researched by modern scientists. However, it is more preferred news to be used as Manuka honey for heartburn especially for the people who suffer acid reflux. Many people have been using honey to treat dyspepsia with other digestive problem.

Other benefits of using Manuka honey include the treatment of the skin infections, gastrointestinal infection, throat infections and burns. Manuka honey is equal or superior to the conventional treatment which is used to cure Fournier’s gangrene, skin ulcers and burn wounds. Manuka honey also has been used to cure H. pylori: the bacteria which is behind most ulcers that affect stomach. Manuka honey is advertised to cure different ailments including diverticulitis, acid reflux, fever blisters, canker sores, flu, sinus infection, cough, sore throat, irritable bowel syndrome, upset stomach and peptic ulcer.

Manuka honey is the best compared with other types of honey

All honey come with the antibacterial activity because of the hydrogen peroxide that breaks down to become a glucose oxidase. However, the level of this antibacterial changes from honey to another because of the floral source of the honey. Most of the time the antibacterial also can be affected when honey is exposed to light and heat, however Manuka honey remain stable even when it is heated. This means that Manuka honey can be shipped, preserved or bottled and transported while their antibacterial property does not change.

Before you use the Manuka honey for heartburn, you have to ensure that it is coming form the Certified Organic Active Manuka Honey companies. Some time honey is just sold like Manuka honey but their antibacterial capacity is not measured. This is mostly if the honey was been produced from other flowers than on Manuka flowers.

Manuka is a great food for sufferers of reflux. It is also used as the Barrett’s esophagus. Some patients have been reporting that their symptoms had been improved by using Manuka honey. Honey can be taken like tea, in hot water or eaten. For the people who are suffering the Barret’s esophagus are recommended to take honey after each meal. Even if honey cannot be used alone, it can be used as a supplement to the GERD to maximize the benefits. Manuka honey is generally produced in New Zealand. Honey has been used for long in New Zealand but it is now gaining more popularity worldwide to be used like Manuka honey for heartburn especially because it does not have any side effect.

Manuka Honey for Heartburn

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